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Top Quality Washer And Dryers That Do Not Make A Peep

Many people like to have their laundry nice and clean, but do not want to wake up the whole neighborhood do so, that is why you need a machine that is not so loud so you can relax as your clothes are cleaned. Along with different brands out in the world, there comes choices and we should try to get the best bang for our buck so here are some comparisons to help you out.

To start off is the Danby DWM120WDB-3, an all in one ventless washer and dryer combo that is 24.62 inches wide. Also the sound level is 52dB and can be found on amazon for $999. Not too bad for how much sound this washer generates, so I think the price may be justified by how silent the machine can operate. A pro for this one is that it offers 14 different washing cycles and includes safety features such as child lock, overflow protection and emergency door release. But a con is that this machine has low capacity, so it is more ideally for small families.

Then, there is the Equator Deco 4400N, a combo washer and dryer that is 24 inches wide. Plus, the sound level for this machine is under 60 dB and can be found on amazon for $1,1129.99. A plus about this machine is that it comes with energy efficiency and time saving features. But a drawback is that it does not let you set the temperature for your clothes.

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